Surrey Parks Plant Sale

Add native plants to your outdoor space!

Native plants for sale

Purchase native plants (while quantities last) and add greenery to your outdoor space! They are great for your garden because they do not require fertilizer, are naturally resilient to garden pests, need to be watered less, and help support local wildlife like birds, bees and butterflies.  Native plants are a budget-friendly, time-saving solution to bringing nature into your daily life.

Debit and credit only. Available varieties may differ due to circumstances beyond our control.


A butterfly sits among light yellow blossoms of Mock Orange shrub

Mock orange - $6

This medium-sized shrub, valued for its showy white flowers and sweet scent, attracts pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

Nootka Rose - $6

Named after Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island, this native rose has something for each season—large, fragrant pink flowers in summer and orange-red rosehips that remain through fall and winter. 

Pacific crabapple

Pacific crabapple - $6

This small tree has apple-blossom sceted flowers and colourful, edible fruit eaten by bird and mammals. People enjoy them raw, cooked.

Cluster of dark berries on Evergreen Huckleberry shrub

Evergreen huckleberry - $6

As its name suggests, this shrub’s leaves stay on year-round. White-pink, bell-shaped flowers appear in the spring followed by sweet edible blackish berries in the summer.

Dull Oregon-grape - $6

This small, evergreen shrub adds a variety of colour to your outdoor space with emerald-green leaves that turn striking reddish-purple in the fall, cheerful yellow flowers in the spring and bright blue, tart but edible berries in the summer.

western honeysuckle

Western honeysuckle - $6

This native climbing vine has round leaves and clumps of fragrant orange, trumpet-shaped flowers that turn into orange-red translucent berries.  The sweet flower nectar attracts hummingbirds and bees, and the berries are eaten by birds.


Nodding onion

Nodding onion - $3

With delicate grass-like leaves and nodding clusters of light pink bell-shaped flowers, this edible onion not only attracts butterflies to your sunny garden, it's a tasty addition to your summer salad.

Bunchberry with small white flowers dotted among its leaves

Bunchberry - $3

This tiny dogwood makes an excellent woodland groundcover with its swirl of leaves and white flower cluster which are followed by bright orange berries.  The leaves are green in the spring and summer, becoming wine-red in the fall.

Bunches of delicate pink blooms hang on pacific bleeding heart forb.

Pacific bleeding heart - $3

This hardy yet delicate perennial has fern-like leaves and pink heart-shaped flowers.  It forms a lush carpet in shady forests and gardens, is drought tolerant and attracts hummingbirds. 

Woodland strawberry forb bursting with many tiny red berries

Woodland strawberry - $3

This low-growing, evergreen plant produces lots of small, but juicy and sweet strawberries that can be enjoyed all summer. 

Red columbine

Red columbine - $3

Brilliant red and yellow inverted flowers on tall, branched stems are an eye-catching addition to any outdoor space. When the wind is blowing, the swaying flowers look like they are about to take the flight.

Woolly sunflower

Woolly sunflower - $3

This mini sunflower-like aster is one of the most cheerfully bright. pollinator-friendly plants of our region. Its bright yellow flowers rising above silvery grey, woolly leaves add collour and texture to any dry, sunny space.

Douglas aster - $6

This late blooming aster bursts with masses of purple to blue, daisy-like flowers that attract pollinators by providing essential nectar and pollen in late summer when many other flowering plants are shutting down for the winter.

Sar-flowered Solomon's seal

Star- flowered Solomon's seal - $3

This dainty wildflower's name stellata, means "star-like" and perfectly describeds is delicate white flowers. These flowers tun to colourful berries and attract birds and bees to your outdoor space.


Radiating fronds of a maidenhair fern

Maidenhair fern - $3

This delicate fern has green fronds (that turn golden) that fan out like a hand with shiny purple-black stems.  

Broad-leafed stonecrop - $3

This low-growing, native succulent has dusky blue, purplish red rosettes of spoon-shaped keaves, with bright yellow fowers in the summer that attract butterflies. This plant is extremely grought and heat tolerant and is great choice for xeriscape and rock gardens.